Lactation consultant helping you reach your breastfeeding goals!

My first granddaughter, Gabrielle

Will yourinsurance cover the cost? I am contracted with Aetna and Independence Blue Cross. (this includes Indepedence Administrators, Personal Choice, and Keystone Health Plan East)  I am able to bill them directly.  Individual Plans may vary in coverage, but most Aetna plans cover 6 visits and most Blue Cross (specifically Personal Choice and Keystone Health plan East)   plans cover unlimited number of visits.   Horizon Bluce Cross of NJ allows two visits.

Some out of state Blue Cross Plans will also cover lactation, In those instances, I will accept a check in full payment from you, and hold it while I submit through the local Blue Cross.  If Blue Cross pays for the visit, I will return your check to you.  State assistance Aetna Better Health and Keystone Mercy plans do NOT reimburse my specialty.

Out of area convenience fee is $25 for

‚Äčconsults that are over 15 miles one way 

This fee is NOT reimbursable by insurance

Initial Visit for a mom who had a Pre-Natal Visit with me already

Everything would be included, but because history would already be established, it would take only 60 - 75 minutes.

  The cost would be $125 - $145

What is included

  • I will ask you about your medical history
  • I will ask you about relevant family history
  • I will ask you to tell me all about your pregnancy and birth
  • I will ask you to tell me all about how the  breastfeeding is going so far
  • I will ask how many wet and soiled diapers your baby has each day
  • I will ask for permission to examine your breasts and your baby's mouth
  • I may need to examine baby's mouth by using my (gloved) finger to assess your baby's suck and mouth structure
  • I will weigh your baby
  • I will observe a feeding, assessing latch, and positioning; offering suggestions where appropriate
  • I will weigh your baby after the feeding to assess milk transfer (How much he/she took)
  • I will help you to develop a plan for your breastfeeding that works for you and your family
  • I will answer any questions you have, or direct you to resources that may provide the information you are looking for.
  • I will leave you with handouts appropriate to your visit
  • I will help you decide on a follow up visit
  • I will provide you with a receipt with the proper CPT and ICD-9 codes, my NPI and EIN numbers and my IBCLC number, the date and amount paid, so that you may provide it to your healthcare insurance provider if needed.

This initial visit for a first time mom will last about 90 minutes.  Counseling is $125 for the  first  60 min.  

A summary of our visit will be faxed to your physician.

A copy of that summary will be Emailed to you.

You would have continued access by phone and email or text for two weeks following the visit.

Initial Visit

Typically takes place within the first week or two at  home