​​Out of area convenience fee is $25 for consults that are over 15 miles one way. This fee is NOT reimbursable by insurance

Will yourinsurance cover the cost? I am contracted with Aetna and Independence Blue Cross. (this includes Indepedence Administrators, Personal Choice, and Keystone Health Plan East)  I am able to bill them directly.  Individual Plans may vary in coverage, but most Aetna plans cover 6 visits and most Blue Cross (specifically Personal Choice and Keystone Health plan East)   plans cover unlimited number of visits.   Horizon Bluce Cross of NJ allows two visits.
Some out of state Blue Cross Plans will also cover lactation, In those instances, I will accept a check in full payment from you, and hold it while I submit through the local Blue Cross.  If Blue Cross pays for the visit, I will return your check to you.  State assistance Aetna Better Health and Keystone Mercy plans do NOT reimburse my specialty.

Gift Certificates!

Know a mommy-to-be who wants to breastfeed?  What could be more perfect than a gift of a lactation consult?  Gift her a gift that will truly be appreciated and provide long lasting benefits.

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Follow up & specific problems

It's a good idea to follow up a few days after a visit, to make sure everything is on track.

Perhaps the breastfeeding started off great, but problems have developed.  I am trained to help you sort it out.


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Before Baby Arrives

private breastfeeding class

Learn what to expect and how to get off to a great start!

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When Baby First Comes Home

Breastfeeding in the first two weeks can be very challenging, sometimes actually difficult!  Don't let the challenges derail your plans, seek help!

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Lactation consultant helping you reach your breastfeeding goals!