Sample Letter

​Dear   _______________________________________________________, name the head person   (PA Teresa D Miller)  (NJ Richard Badolato)

My name is __________________________ (mom) and I am a citizen of __________________________________________________________(mom's full address)

I am writing to let you know that I am having a current problem with  ___________________________________ (mom's specific exact insurance provider company name

I am submitting for coverage of care which is mandated under the The Affordable Care Act as covered within the provision of Breastfeeding / Lactation support.  The coverage is under the Women's Preventative care guidelines which specifically mention breast pumps; supplies; and lactation support by a qualified provider for the duration of Breastfeeding.

Currently, _______________________________ (the insurance company) is declining to reimburse for my mandated covered expenses.

Please get in touch with me about this violation.   I may be reached at _______________________ (mom's phone number)

I appreciate your concern about this issue, and I will look forward to talking to you about this.

Yours respectfully,

_______________________________________________________(mom's name)

Here is a link to the Pennsylvania Insurance Commissioner

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