Lactation consultant helping you reach your breastfeeding goals!

My daughter in law Lindsay with my granddaughter Victoria

Will yourinsurance cover the cost?
 I am contracted with Aetna and Independence Blue Cross. (this includes Indepedence Administrators, Personal Choice, and Keystone Health Plan East)  I am able to bill them directly.  Individual Plans may vary in coverage, but most Aetna plans cover 6 visits and most Blue Cross (specifically Personal Choice and Keystone Health plan East)   plans cover unlimited number of visits.   Horizon Bluce Cross of NJ allows two visits.
Some out of state Blue Cross Plans will also cover lactation, In those instances, I will accept a check in full payment from you, and hold it while I submit through the local Blue Cross.  If Blue Cross pays for the visit, I will return your check to you.  State assistance Aetna Better Health and Keystone Mercy plans do NOT reimburse my specialty.

Or anytime that you are unsure if breastfeeding is going well

When should you call for a consultation?

Call if you:

  • have flat nipples
  • have sore or cracked nipples
  • are engorged
  • are ill, or need to be away from your baby
  • have low milk supply
  • are returning to work
  • experiencing pain and redness in the breast
  • experiencing stress related to feedings
  • need advice about how to use your pump
  • are receiving conflicting advice or discouragement of breastfeeding
  • just want reassurance that your breastfeeding is going well

  • just want reassurance of how much milk your baby is transferring

Consultations for Follow up and Consultations for specific problems that arise.


Follow - Up Visits

It is advisable to schedule a follow up visit at the end of an initial visit.  Depending on the situation, we might schedule a follow up only days later.  Or we would schedule it for 1  week after the initial visit.  This is an opportunity to see how the plan is working, and to address new challenges that may have come up.  There may be questions you have at one week, that you didn't even think of at the first visit!  The time allotted is usually 60 minutes.  A pre-feeding weight, and a post-feeding weight will be included.

Cost: $125 for 1 hour. 

I would provide you with the appropriate receipt and documentation to request reimbursement from your insurance provider if needed

Out of area convenience fee is $25 for consults that are over 15 miles one way.  This fee is NOT reimbursable by insurance.

Call if your baby:

  • is jaundiced

  • refuses to latch-on

  • is not gaining weight

  •      (1/2 - 1 oz per day)

  • is gaining too quickly

  •      (more than 1 1/2 oz per day)

  • cries a lot and is often fussy

  • feeds "all the time"

  • was born prematurely

  • spits up "a lot"